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Kronenbourg 1664 is a golden pale lager with an alcohol percentage of 5.00% ABV. It was first brewed in 1664 in the Alsace region of France by master brewer Geronimus Hatt. It uses the exact same recipe as was first used in 1664.

Kronenbourg 1664 was named after the year in which the Hatt family, Kronenbourg’s founders, were born. It is the world’s fifth-oldest beer brand that is still in operation today.

Its golden hues and delicate bitterness are the product of over 300 years of careful selection of the best hops, the ‘Strisselspalt,’ and the special know-how of Kronenbourg’s master brewers.

Expert master brewers around the world refer to Strisselspalt as the caviar of hops because of its low bitterness and aromatic qualities. It is unusual and unique to the Alsace Region and Kronenbourg recipes due to its soil and culture technique requirements



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